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Using External Innovation Resources to Promote the Open-oriented Innovation Strategy in China



By Shen Hengchao, DRC

To implement the innovation-driven development strategy, efforts should be made to follow an "independent innovation" approach focusing on practical utilization in China and to take an "open-oriented innovation" manner and make full use of the global innovation resources. "Open-oriented innovation" is a new research project and people are still making pilot practice to gain more experience in this field. Keeping in step with the international study, people at home have turned out a number of research papers relating to "open-oriented innovation". The policy environment to promote the "open-oriented innovation" in China needs to be improved. The key to promoting the use of foreign innovation resources to conduct "open-oriented innovation" lies in the improvement of policy environment, so that innovators can easily make use of foreign innovation resources. Relevant policy options are made as follows.

1. We need to take the requirement of innovative enterprises as the standard to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, implement the punitive damage system, establish the evidence collection system, and promote the effective connection of administrative enforcement with judicial enforcement in order to improve the protection level of intellectual property rights both at home and abroad.

2. We need to broaden the innovation financing channels, and promote the construction of over-the-counter (OTC) market.

3. We need to improve the talent evaluation and incentive system to attract outstanding innovative talents.

4. We need to develop innovative service institutions to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and to improve the socialized management and service ability of innovative service organizations.

5. We need to give full play to the positive role of transnational corporations in China relating to China's independent innovation, strengthen international cooperation and custom clearance facilitation for international research activities, and explore ways for the establishment of skilled immigration system.

6. We need to increase investment in basic research through more channels, and improve the source innovation ability.

7. We need to strengthen the digestion, absorption and re-innovation of the introduced technology and to reverse the vicious circle of “introduction-backward-reintroduction”.


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