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Policy Options on Accelerating Development of China’s Service Trade (No.137, 2016)


By Lai Youwei, General Office & Chen Hongna, Research Department of Foreign Economic Relations, DRC

Research Report No.137, 2016 (Total 5020)2016-10-18

Abstract: China has developed into a large service trader in the world, but is not strong in service export, due to improper service trade structure and increasing service trade deficit. As a result, the development mode of service trade needs to be optimized. Accelerating the development of service trade could offer a crucial support for China’s foreign trade transformation and upgrading. The Central Government has shown great concern for the development of service trade and has issued a number of documents concerning service trade development in recent years such as Suggestions on Accelerating Service Trade Development, which has given a powerful impetus to service trade growth. In order to accelerate China’s service trade development. We need to focus on addressing the following issues. First, we need to deepen the reform of institutional mechanism and give more policy support to service trade. Second, we need to promote two-way opening-up of the service sector and enhance the efficiency of service factor allocation in the world. Third, we need to nurture market entities for service trade and enhance China’s service brand building. Fourth, we need to promote diversification of the service trade market and expand new space market for its further development. Fifth, we need to vigorously develop emerging service trade and cultivate new advantages for industrial competition.

Key words: service trade, opening-up of the service sector, reform of institutional mechanisms