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Coordinating Urban-Rural Development and Strengthening County-level Economy: New Approaches towards County-level Economic Development for Huichuan District in Zunyi Municipality(No.144, 2016)


By Su Hongwen, Liu Jun, Xu Peng & Jiao Xudong, China Rural Human Resources Development Research Association

Research Report No.144, 2016 (Total 5027) 2016-11-8

Abstract: Coordinating economic and social development of urban and rural areas is a highly innovative and targeted project bearing strong features of the times as well as great strategic significance. After economic development entered a state of new normal, Yinglai county of Huichuan district in Zunyi Municipality is witnessing new opportunities for economic development, mainly including a positive long-term trend for macro-economic performance, the implementation of overall major strategies, the adoption of innovation-driven development model, the shift of economic space layout, and the transformation and upgrading of the economic development areas. Huichuan district in Zunyi has put in place the concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, given priority to quality and benefits of development, switched the growth driver from factor-driven to innovation-driven mode, expanded and strengthened the county-level economy, and made new breakthroughs in coordinated urban-rural development. The ways for implementing these tasks include advancing the new-type urbanization, building national demonstration areas for integration of industrial parks with urban development, conducting infrastructure construction to reinforce the support for economic and social development, promoting ecological integration and accelerating the construction of pilot demonstration areas for ecological advancement, initiating a new phase in inland areas of the western region through reform and opening-up, and building a harmonious society for all people to share in development fruits.

Key words: county-level economy, coordinated urban-rural development, implementation approach, Huichuan district