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Target-oriented Responsibility System for Marine Eco-Environment Protection is Needed for Local Governments in China(Special Issue No.43, 2016)


By Chang Jiwen, Wu Ping, Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies and Wang Xin, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Research Report, Special Issue No.43, 2016 (Total 1518)

Abstract: The theoretical basis, policy foundation and base of legal system of target-oriented responsibility system for marine eco-environment protection include same responsibility of CPC and Chinese government in environmental protection, assessment and accountability of ecological conservation, and local governments being accountable for environment. At present, local areas still have such problems like insufficient legislative foundation, imperfect assessment content, incomplete linkage mechanism and inadequate supervision. It is suggested that the target-oriented responsibility system should be added in Marine Environment Protection Law; related administrative laws and regulations should be perfected and measures for the implementation of Eco-Environment Damage Accountability System of Party and Government Leaders (Trial) should be carried out; marine ecological conservation should be planned as a whole within environmental protection or the overall assessment of ecological civilization construction, or be evaluated independently; detailed rules of assessment should be established according to tasks, and responsibility assignment and form should be clear and the result of assessment should be paid much attention to; a linkage mechanism of crossing administrative region and combining land and ocean is needed; and it is also necessary to establish a report system with self-inspection, supervision and spot check and to enhance supervision from the National People’s Congress and from the general public.

Key words: eco-environment protection, ocean, local government, target-oriented responsibility system