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Fruit Tree-based Processing Industry: An Emerging Green Industry for Addressing Poverty Alleviation - Experience and enlightenments drawn from the development of fruit tree-based processing industry in Shaanxi Province(No.151, 2016)


By Liang Yangchun, Almanac of China’s Economy & Zhou Jianqi, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report No.151, 2016 (Total 5034) 2016-11-17

Abstract: Fruit tree-based processing industry is an emerging green industry developed under the backdrop of China’s conservation of natural forests and market demand for non-polluted wood, as well as a sector boasting broad market potential against an all-around ban on commercial felling of natural forests. The fruit tree-based processing industry is backed by abundant forest resources in rural areas. By conducting an integrated and professional management mode for fruit farmers’ cultivating, logging, transporting and processing work, the enterprises have efficiently extended the industrial chain of fruit-tree industrial chain, bearing a strong feature of innovation-driven technology and management. With sound economic, ecological and social benefits, such a mode is conducive for the coordinated development between urban and rural areas and between industry and agriculture. It is an appropriate approach toward reducing poverty with targeted measures for agricultural industrialization and also a good practice for realizing the innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development concept. China has currently made remarkable progress in some areas relating to the pilot practice in fruit tree-based green processing industry. The apple-tree processing industry in Shaanxi Province has developed rapidly in recent years, but some problems remain to be solved such as the lack of proven technology and development experience, the difficulty in product promotion and insufficient funds for corporate development, which all require the government to enact supporting policies.

Key words: poverty alleviation with targeted measures, policy support, all-around ban on logging, fruit trees