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Policy Analysis on the Development of China’s For-Profit Privately-Run Educational Institutions(No.156, 2016)


By Huang Bin & Niu Jiaru, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC; Shan Dasheng, General Office, DRC

Research report No.156, 2016 (Total 5039)


Abstract: In recent years, China’s for-profit privately-run schools and other educational institutions (hereinafter referred to as educational institutions) have witnessed a swift development, giving a strong impetus to the growth of educational industry. However, there still remain some problems in its development, which have aroused dissatisfaction from consumers, operators and supervisors. The major reason is that the function of educational institutions are not clear due to the absence of a classified management policy. The industry is managed in the same way of public institutions, which is not conducive to supervision, and hinder the industrial development. In order to promote and standardize the development of educational institutions, China should, on the basis of the revised Law on the Promotion of Privately-Run Schools and a classified management mode, further make clear the industrial function, classification standard and business scope of educational institutions, establish the supervision system of “government supervising association and association supervising institutions” with standardized laws and regulations, clearly defined powers and liabilities and self-regulations, perfect the detailed rules for implementation conforming to education discipline and market performance, promote the formation of an integrated market for fair competition, enhance international cooperation and open the door wider to the outside world.

Key words: private school, educational training, classification management of industry, industrial association