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Improving Competitiveness and Deepening the Opening Up of Educational Services(No.155, 2016)


By Huang Bin, Niu Jiaru, & Liu Rufei, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No.155, 2016 (Total 5038) 2016-11-24

Abstract: Since China’s entry into the WTO, the level of opening up of educational services in China has been continuously improved. The competitiveness of educational service industry has been greatly enhanced, and the relevant policy system has been gradually fleshed out. However, some issues still remain to be addressed, such as excessive trade deficits, the lack of measures in “going global”, the difficulty in unifying domestic and international rules and standards, and the inadequate supervision by the government on Chinese-foreign cooperative educational institutions. In face of the rise of “Internet Plus education” and the public listing of Chinese educational enterprises overseas, it is necessary for the government to change the development mode of educational service industry, make clear the strategic goal of the opening up of educational services, and formulate development plans, policies and measures to encourage the launch of educational programs overseas as well as Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools. The government needs to deepen the reform of classified management, construct an education market with fair competition, and enhance the competitiveness of educational service industry through Internet-based integration of educational resources. The government needs to promote the two-way educational exchanges and opening up for shared interests and trade balance between China and foreign countries, especially the countries along the “One Belt and One Road” routes. The government also needs to advance the integration of domestic and international rules and standards in some areas, and actively participate in the formulation of international rules and standards.

Key words: educational services, competitiveness, unified market, opening up