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Some Erroneous Ideas on Decelerated Economic Growth in Northeast China(No.168, 2016)


By Jia Kun, Department of Development Strategy and Regional Economy, DRC

Research Report No.168, 2016 (Total 5051)2016-12-09

Abstract: This report analyzes, on the basis of relevant data, the decelerated economic growth in China’s three northeastern provinces in recent years. It is found that, apart from the changes at different periodic development stages and the cyclical impact, the economic growth in Liaoning and Heilongjiang provinces has deviated from the medium level larger than Jilin province. In view of the long-term changes of per capita income, the slowdown of economic growth in Liaoning and Jilin provinces have not produced mid-to-long term influence while Heilongjiang has presented some long-term recession signs. This report also analyzes structural features in productive factor supply, industrial structure, SOEs’ proportions in total industrial sector and market environment relating to the three northeastern provinces. Their structural features have not shown evidently worsening momentum throughout the changing periods, with some structural features improved to some extent. Compared with other areas, the structural features relating to regional economic growth for the three northeastern provinces stand at the medium level nationwide on the whole. Therefore, the above-mentioned factors could not give evident proof about the slowdown of economic growth for the three provinces in recent years. The report narrows down with some problems to be observed for future development in northeastern China.

Key words: regional economic development, slowdown of economic growth, three provinces in Northeastern China