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US Smart City Growth Management and Inspirations for China(No.175, 2016)


By Sun Xuan, Yang Xiaodong & Huang Bin, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.175, 2016 (Total 5058) 2016-12-14

Abstract: “Smart growth management” is a solution to the problem of urban sprawl and low-density development in the U.S. It puts forward an important policy basis of reorganizing the city’s spatial pattern, delimiting a boundary line of the city’s development and facilitating the city’s compact development. This report sorts out US cities’ practice of implementing smart growth management based on related research findings by Lincoln Center. Facts show that the smart city growth management has an obvious effect on addressing urban population gathering, alleviating traffic jams, balancing regional financial budget and protecting ecological and agricultural land. However, it played a rather weak role in relieving the pressure of housing. The smart city growth management experience gained by the U.S. makes good reference to China on transforming urban development mode from extensive growth to intensive growth. First, China needs to strengthen institutional construction in city growth management. Second, China needs to focus on the effect of city boundary. Third, China needs to realize city growth mode through adjustment and innovation of financial and taxation policy. Fourth, China needs to keep an eye out for the negative effect of city growth management.

Key words: city growth management, smart growth, the United States