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Open-Oriented and Platform-based Innovation(No.177, 2016)


By Zhou Jianqi, Research Team on “Invigorating Vitality of Innovation Entities”, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research Report No.177, 2016 (Total 5060) 2016-12-15

Abstract: It has been ten years since smart phones went into operation, but they are still quite popular in the market. As hardware innovation makes further progress, various software in smart systems has also sprung up, breeding new business forms such as WeChat, online car-hailing service and aeronautical information service as well as enriching the business channels for e-commerce platforms, restaurant service, and location-based service. Technological progress is the prerequisite for adding smart phones more functions, yet the key for smart phones to become part of people’s life lies in open-oriented and platform-based innovation. A network-structured innovation platform can keep invigorating vitality for innovation in the upstream, mid-stream and downstream of an industrial chain, gather various professional and break-through innovation outcomes, and finally develop phones into portable smart tools with mobile call functions. Platform-based open-oriented innovation has also made success in other manufacturing industries, which offers good reference to China’s manufacturing transformation. This report has made the following policy options. The government needs to highly value the platform-based open-oriented innovation model, support enterprises to make platform-based innovations to establish or participate in the industrial technology R&D platform, improve relevant laws and regulations relating to platform-based innovation, and develop the big data system for enterprises to carry out platform-based innovation activities.

Key words: platform network, open-oriented innovation, upgrading of manufacturing industry, relevant policy options