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Pushing Forward the Construction of a Healthy China Program and Promoting the Health and Well-being of the People



By Zhang Laiming, DRC


Health is the indispensable prerequisite for the overall development of the people as well as the foundation of economic and social development. The Program for a Healthy China 2030 reviewed and approved by the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee has set an action plan for the construction of a healthy China in the next 15 years.

First, with a profound understanding of the great strategic significance of the construction of a healthy China, we need to make efforts from the perspective of constructing a well-off society in an all-round way, foster a new engine for economic and social development, enhance the medical supply-side structural reform, improve national well-being and social stability, propel global healthy governance and fulfill China’s commitment made to the international community.

Second, we need not only to have a clear understanding of the progress China has made in medical and health service, but also face up to the challenges in constructing a healthy China. After years of continuous efforts, a national health insurance system has been basically completed, and remarkable progress has been made in medical health care service system reform; health care is moving swiftly forward; healthy environment relating to atmosphere and water quality has been improved to some extent. In the meantime, due to the development of industrialization and urbanization, population aging and continuous changes of disease spectrum, ecological environment and life style, there are still some weak points to be improved in the development of health undertakings.

Third, we need to highlight the major issues in the construction of a healthy China. Efforts should be made in the following aspects. 1. We need to put prevention in the first place and the healthy quality of the whole people should be comprehensively enhanced. 2. We need to deepen reform of medical and health system in an all-round manner. 3. We need to cultivate a green and safe healthy environment. 4. We need to vigorously promote the development of health industry. 5. We need to further enhance the construction of social policies and institutional system for the implementation of a healthy China strategy.


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