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Preventing Financial Risks in Six Aspects



By Zhang Chenghui, DRC


To further promote the supply-side structural reform, it is necessary to pay particular attention to financial risks. The current financial risks can be controlled across the board, but the environment is very complex, which is mainly reflected in the following six aspects: financial markets and financial sectors; micro entities and macro finance; international and domestic factors; the external factors and internal mechanism of the financial system; single industry and cross industry; the short-term and mid- and long-term risks. Preventing the financial risks should be made in the following six aspects.

First, the government needs to actively close loopholes and improve preventive measures.

Second, the government needs to adjust the risk threshold, in order to avoid systemic risks, but allowing for small risks.

Third, the government needs to improve the real economy both internally and externally, promote the reform of state-owned enterprises, and improve the regulatory framework, notions and measures.

Fourth, the government needs to intensify policy coordination, including financial supervision information sharing, cross market risk monitoring, and the coordination between the central and local governments.

Fifth, the government needs to strengthen policy stability, and increase the communication with market entities.

Sixth, the government needs to promote the reform of financial system, and eliminate the endogenous risks caused by institutional, systematic and political defects.


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