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Seeking Progress While Keeping Economic Performance Stable: A Methodology for Promoting New Forms of Urbanization



By Hou Yongzhi, DRC


At present, the promotion of new forms of urbanization is of great importance for the comprehensive construction of a moderately prosperous society in China. “Seeking progress while keeping economic performance stable” is a methodology for the improvement of economic work and the promotion of urbanization.

First, the reasons for emphasizing the steady advance of urbanization are as follows. 1. Urbanization needs to be advanced on a solid material foundation. With China’s economic development enters a new normal, the development of urbanization will accordingly slow down. 2. The pace of urbanization is affected by the substantial increase in land acquisition compensation and the changes and rising costs relating to labor supply and demand. 3. The accumulated problems including pollution, social contradictions and governance during the development of urbanization need to be solved. 4. Adequate room needs to be left to solve the problems that may arise as China has to make much leeway to make up in terms of large-scale urbanization and social governance in large cities.

Second, stability needs to be given first priority in the course of building new forms of urbanization. 1. It is essential to strictly implement the state-issued top-design requirements for urbanization at different stages, so as to achieve the coordination between the size of urban population, the carrying capacity of resources as well as relevant basic public services concerning environment, education, health care and employment. 2. The government needs to carry on the construction of urban transportation, underground pipe network and other infrastructure facilities in cities. 3. City clusters need to be developed to flesh out urban infrastructure construction.

Third, the social attributes of cities should be emphasized. In the central economic work conference, it is pointed out that the people-oriented new forms of urbanization featuring the spirit of humanism need to be further pushed forward. The cultural atmosphere of a city needs to be included in the design of urban construction.


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