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Analytical Framework and General Principles on Deepening the Reform of Administrative Review and Approval System(No.191, 2016)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “Results, Problems and Solutions Relating to the New-Round Administrative Approval System Reform”, General Office of DRC

Research report No.191, 2016 (Total 5057) 2016-12-12

Abstract: Centering on the administrative review and approval items and in accordance with characteristics of different paths of power transmission, the analytical framework is based on three kinds of reform goals including cancelling the requirements for or transferring and delegating the power of government review and approval on more items. It is hoped that such measures could further stimulate the vitality of market players, optimize the allocation of government’s rights and responsibilities, and improve functions of social organizations. In specific, first, these measures are to fully release the vitality of various market players and further improve the market supervision system so as to create a sound supervision environment for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation”. Second, these measures are to optimize the allocation of rights and responsibilities of governments at various levels, correctly deal with horizontal and vertical relations among governments and ensure the smooth and orderly transmission of power. Third, these measures are to improve functions of social organizations and further strengthen the awareness and quality of intermediary services to meet the needs of transferring and undertaking relevant projects. In order to deepen the reform of administrative review and approval system through delegating power improving management and optimizing service, efforts need to be made to gradually shift the focus of work from delegating the authority to examine and approve to lower levels to normalizing the procedures of review and approval and optimizing the allocation of rights and responsibilities. While delegating the power of review and approval to lower levels, we need to strengthen supervision and management and strive to achieve real effects in enhancing reform linkage, reducing behavioral conflicts and increasing effective incentives.

Key words: administrative review and approval system, streamline administration and delegate power to lower levels, analytical framework, general principles