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Entrepreneurs’ Judgment on Macro-Economic Performance and Business Operation and Prospects for Future Development(No.8, 2017)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.8, 2017 (Total 5083) 2017-1-18

Abstract: This paper is taken from one of the follow-up survey reports in 2016, based on questionnaire feedback collected from 1960 entrepreneurs at home. According to the entrepreneurs, business production and marketing are picking up and their profits have improved to some extent due to the reduction of stocked products and rebounding price. With regard to future development, entrepreneurs think that the future market demand will be rising steadily. It is predicted that the prospect of business operation will be improved and macro-economy is expected to maintain a mid-to-high growth in an L-shaped manner. As for GDP growth, they think China’s GDP growth would be respectively 6.5% and 6.3% in 2016 and 2017. The research findings show that enterprises’ labor demand and investment projects are generally stable but with an evident trend of difference. The change of labor demand reflects the future trend of structural adjustment and upgrading of an industrial structure to a certain extent. Service industry, especially modern service industry and high-end equipment manufacturing industry will have an increasing labor demand whereas labor demand of traditional manufacturing industry tends to become weakened.

Key words: macro-economic performance, business operation, questionnaire surveys