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The Present Enterprise Innovation Transformation and the Evaluation and Suggestions on Reform Measures(No. 10, 2017)


By Li Lan, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research Report No. 10, 2017 (Total 5085) 2017-1-23

Abstract: This paper is taken from one of the follow-up survey reports in 2016, based on questionnaire feedback collected from 1960 entrepreneurs at home. According to the entrepreneurs, the business innovation results are gradually phasing out; the proportion of new product sales revenue continues to go up; the innovative vigor of entrepreneurs has emerged; the innovation investment continues to increase; the employment demand for university and higher education graduates continues to grow; and the independent innovation will of the entrepreneurs has enhanced. At the same time, the entrepreneurs hope that the macro-economic policy could be continuously implemented in a stable manner, local development could adapt to the new normal and the transformation of the development mode could be accelerated. In addition, the entrepreneurs indicate that the government needs to intensify the reduction of production cost, strive to improve its working efficiency, actively promote the construction of a legal system and a credit system, adhere to the market-oriented reform, optimize the market environment of fair competition, stimulate the vitality of enterprises and the endogenous motivation of economic development, give full play to the role of entrepreneurs in promoting economic development, and create a sound external environment for enterprise transformation and structural adjustment.

Key words: innovation, transformation and upgrading, policy options