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Five Policy Options on Improving the Quality of Atmosphere and Environment in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region



By Chang Jiwen, DRC


Facts have proved that further enforcing the principle that Party and government organizations should jointly shoulder the responsibility for environmental protection is a practical and useful method for fleshing out atmospheric environment. In order to implement this principle, we need to clarify the responsibilities respectively shouldered by Party and government organizations and establish the accountability and the exemption of responsibility mechanisms.

First, we need to establish an evaluation mechanism on air quality performance based on quarterly evaluation and annual assessment. If the emission amount is reviewed at the end of the year, it would weaken the necessity for the quarterly-based improvement and supervision, and the Party and government organizations would neglect their responsibilities for addressing the issue of environmental pollution.

Second, centering on the quality management of atmospheric environment, we need to impose an amount control on air pollutants emission in various regions and enterprises. We need to adjust the yearly production plan while ensuring the fulfillment of annual production quota of different regions and enterprises.

Third, we need to steadily push forward the work of replacing coal with gas and electricity. The alleviation of smog requires the change of energy structure and replacing coal with gas and electricity is the basic measure.

Fourth, we need to establish a patrolling police force responsible for environmental protection and supervision. It is found that many enterprises violate environmental laws and regulations and discharge pollutants at night, which has made it difficult to receive tip-offs and give due punishment. The patrolling police should always be on the alert to exercise their duties for environmental protection.

Fifth, we need to use optimal city governance method to relieve and solve the smog problem in various regions. We need to firmly adhere to implementing the boundary system for the development and utilization of urban land and optimize traffic regulations and facilities. In the winter heating season, if a yellow alert or above is issued for air pollution, an alternate-day driving system for odd- and even-numbered license plates will be initiated to reduce pollution.


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