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Policy Research Needs to Follow the Principle of Seeking Truth from Facts



Liu Peilin, DRC


President Xi Jinping spoke at a meeting on philosophy and social sciences. In his speech, he made illustrations on the significance and urgency of the development of philosophy and social sciences and the principles relating to the leading role played by Marxism in the development of philosophy and social sciences with Chinese characteristics. In terms of the inheritance and development of philosophy and social sciences, they should bear national and innovative features in accordance with the trend of the times and be developed in a systematic and professional manner. President Xi also stressed that the Party’s leadership in the development of philosophy and social sciences should be enhanced.

First, practice is the fundamental point of view of dialectical materialism and historical materialism. Seeking truth from facts is the basic world outlook and methodology of Marxism, the most valuable quality of the Communist Party of China and the foothold for theory study and policy research. In the research work, the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) follows the principle of seeking truth from facts and bringing forth new ideas while keeping a just and impartial stand.

Second, DRC is a government think tank and researchers in DRC need to adhere to the above-mentioned principle, be meticulous and precise in their work and base themselves on facts in raising policy options.

Third, in providing policy options for CPC Central Committee and the Central Government, researchers in DRC need to have a general picture of the total economic and social development and bear in mind the national and people’s interest. They need to make exchanges with their peers on relevant experience and research findings so as to do their bit for China’s development and national rejuvenation.