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The Most Urgent Task Is How to Effectively Promote Reform


The Most Urgent Task Is How to Effectively Promote Reform

Li Zuojun, DRC


Intensifying comprehensive reform has become people’s common consensus. However, how to improve the efficiency of reform and enhance people’s satisfaction about reform results is still an urgent problem waiting to be solved.

First, reform is the solution to the current series of problems. The key for China in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and realizing modernization lies in the transformation of growth drivers and narrowing the gap between the rich and the poor. The new growth drivers refer to the “three engines” on the supply side which are institutional transformation, structural optimization and factor upgrade, and among which institutional transformation is the major issue.

Second, the urgent problem right now is to effectively promote reform. We need to make efforts in the following aspects. 1. We need to further emancipate our mind, reach common consensus on reform goals, stick to the principle of socialist market economic reform, and do our bit towards the promotion of market reform. 2. We need to give full play to the initiative of various social forces on reform, encourage pilot practice, and be more tolerant towards failures. Those cadres who are bold to make reform should be encouraged and those researchers who have made positive research findings on reform theories or policy options should be rewarded. 3. We need to face up to difficulties and challenges, and clear out barriers imposed by vested interest groups on the way to reform. 4. We need to coordinate our efforts in various fields to push forward reform on economy, politics, culture, social and ecological affairs. 5. We need to properly combine the bottom-up and top-down approaches of reform to improve the efficiency of reform.

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