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Taking an Innovation-oriented Approach towards Deepening Government Procurement System Reform(No.12, 2017)

( drc.gov.cn ) 2017-03-16

By Jin Jun, Assets Management Office, DRC & Xu Guangjian, Renmin University of China

Research report No.12, 2017 (Total 5087) 2017-2-5

Abstract: China’s expenditure management reform includes government procurement system, departmental budget system and treasury centralized paying system. Since the Government Procurement Law of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as Government Procurement Law) was published in 2003, government procurement has formed a centralized procurement pattern supplemented by decentralized purchasing. In 2014, the focus of reform of government procurement system shifted from the procedure-oriented management to the result-oriented one and a lot of efforts were made to promote government procurement management reform. With China’s economic development entering into the new normal, some problems have cropped up, which are contradictory to the government procurement work in the new era. In order to make government procurement system better serve the needs of public expenditure management and economic and social development, we need to deepen the reform of China’s government procurement system, bring into play the role of government procurement for the regulation of economic progress and social development, and formulate related legal and policy systems, enforcement mechanisms and supervision platforms conducive to result-oriented government procurement management.

Key words: government procurement, countermeasures for reform, innovation