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Changing Trends of Migrant Population in Gansu Province and Policy Options(No.19, 2017)


By Zhang Yimin, Lanzhou Jiaotong University & Xu Zhaoyuan, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research report No.19, 2017 (Total 5094) 2017-2-17

Abstract: In recent years, Gansu province has witnessed some new changing trends relating to migrant population. Due to various reasons, the number of floating population of extended families, people with high academic credentials and aged people has increased whereas the number of those ready for making business startups has decreased. In addition, social support to facilitate integration of migrant population in cities and people’s willingness to settle down in cities has been shored up. But there also emerged some new problems. For instance, the needs for basic public services for migrant population cannot be met, the migration policy in big cities is strict but migrant population’s willingness to settle down there is strong, the migration policy in small cities is loose but migrant population’s willingness to settle down there is weak, and the migrant population has high willingness to find jobs or start businesses, but it is difficult for them to gain access to social service facilities. It is suggested that Gansu province improve cross-regional transfer payment system for basic public services in the province, enhance the better integration of migrant population, coordinately promote key field reform centering on household registration system, and provide equal employment and business startup opportunities.

Key words: urbanization, migrant population, public service, Gansu province