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Major Issues Relating to the Development of Platform Ecosystem and Policy Implications(No.21, 2017)


By Qian Pingfan, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC & Qian Pengzhan, University of California, Davis

Research report No.21, 2017 (Total 5096) 2017-2-21

Abstract: As an important economic model, the market-based platform operates in the form of ecosystem. Platform ecosystem is an integrated whole of platform stakeholders and relevant subjects, and its development determines the performance of platform model. In light of enlightenments drawn from the evolution of coral reefs, the development of platform ecosystem is based on the analysis of involved stakeholders, and it draws momentum from ties with stakeholders and gains support from the interaction with stakeholders. It requires the joint force of platform attraction and resource concentration. The development of platform ecosystem relies on the common value and evolution of stakeholders, and requires synergistic governance by different stakeholders. The sound development of online platform ecosystem reveals the effects and mechanism resulting from multiple stakeholders’ joint governance. Platform ecosystem development has offered us some policy implications. 1. We need to have an overall understanding of platform ecosystem. 2. We need to formulate specific policies for the performance of platform ecosystem. 3. We need to enforce the governance of platform ecosystem by multiple stakeholders. 4. We need to implement classified and accurate management for different platform ecosystem stakeholders.

Key words: platform ecosystem, coral reefs, governance by multiple stakeholders