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Intelligent Management:A Major Development Model for Enterprise Future Performance



By Ma Jun, DRC

The application of IT and Internet has made a significant impact on enterprise performance. Intelligent management is derived from IT and Internet application and further fleshed out in manufacturing industry and intelligent management will gradually become a major development model for enterprise future performance.

First, China boasts the largest number of Internet users around the world, which has laid a solid foundation for intelligent development. Compared with businesses in developed countries, China’s intelligent management technology is among the world advanced level.

Second, intelligent management will bring about some impacts on enterprise performance in the following four aspects. 1. The production line will evolve from mainly turning out hardware products into producing both hardware and software products. 2. The relations between enterprises and users will shift from one-time transaction deal to long-term services. More and more manufacturers will use intelligent manufacturing system to produce personalized products by constantly updating software technology and improving product functions. This will enable them to transform from selling products to providing services or give equal importance to both businesses. 3. Big data will become an important resource for enterprises. 4. The competition between enterprises will move into an arena relating to industrial ecology. Intelligent products will provide an infinite maneuvering space for enterprises to meet diversified demands of users, forming a huge industrial ecosystem. If more enterprises get involved in service industry, they will become more competent to provide better quality and diversified items of products. Consequently, it will be easier for enterprises to get the lion’s share through market competition.