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The Proactive Management of Macroeconomic Regulation: Problems and Policy Options(No.31, 2017)


By Wu Zhenyu & Yang Guangpu, Department of Macroeconomic Research, DRC

Research report No.31, 2017 (Total 5106) 2017-3-7

Abstract: Proactive management is a basic factor that market entities need to consider when making decisions on economic performance, and it is also one of the key variables requiring concern by researchers on the study of macroeconomic theory and policy. With the transformation of Chinese economy, the changes relating to institutional arrangement, policy measures and economic operation overlap with one another. It is urgent for China to strengthen and improve proactive market management relating to macroeconomic regulation and risk prevention. This paper gives a comprehensively introduction to the present proactive management of macroeconomic regulation, and an analysis on the deficiency of proactive management in the aspects of theory, system and practice. It raises the following four policy options. First, we need to build a systematic proactive management system and make clear the main entities for proactive management and the major channels to get to know market demand. Second, we need to improve policy transparency and strengthen the communication and cooperation with the market. Third, we need to fully develop and utilize various proactive management tools, follow market performance and make timely policy adjustment to meet market demand. Fourth, we need to enhance the theoretical research on macroeconomic proactive management and strengthen decision-making and proactive management in a scientific and effective manner.

Key words: macroeconomic regulation, proactive management, risk prevention