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China’s Listed Enterprises’ Innovation Input in Manufacturing Industry: Present Performance and Growth Trend(No.32, 2017)


By Yuan Dongming, Zhou Jianqi & Ma Shuping, Enterprise Research Institute, DRC

Research report No.32, 2017 (Total 5107) 2017-03-13

Abstract: China’s listed enterprises are competitive enterprises in the industrial sector. The innovation input and upgrading of listed enterprises can basically reflect the overall performance of the industry. In 2015, the R&D input of China’s listed enterprises in manufacturing industry continued increasing and the R&D intensity was close to 3%. The total volume of human capital input kept growing, shored up by enhanced staff size and average per capita input.The innovation input intensity of listed enterprises in manufacturing industry between 2012 to 2015 shows that under the pressure of economic downturn performance, China’s listed enterprises in manufacturing industry had a strong demand for innovation-driven development whereas the overall manufacturing level was still low compared with powerful manufacturing countries and global leading companies. At present, the general picture has remained the same and the performance of some industries has even become deteriorated. Further analysis indicates that the disparity in human capital input among different industries is narrowing and enterprise’s rigid cost is increasing, which is disadvantageous to high-end development. Horizontal inter-industrial upgrading of listed manufacturing enterprises is remarkable, but vertical intra-industrial upgrading is inadequate. Innovative resources concentrate more on some industries but the trend of resource concentration on competitive enterprises in intra-industrial sectors is not obvious.

Keywords: innovation of listed enterprise in manufacturing industry, R&D input, average per capita input of human capital