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Accelerate the Reform and Improvement of Vocational Qualification Certificate System



By Lu Wei, DRC


In turning China into a powerful manufacturing country and realizing industrial transformation and upgrading, the government has put forward new requirements relating to the skills and quality of the workers. To solve the current shortage of skilled workers in China, we should not only pay attention to educational training, but also focus on the cultivation of skilled workers and the implementation of incentive measures. We need to establish a system for the promotion of skilled workers through vocational education and labor employment system.

Since the convention of the 18th CPC National Congress, the State Council has abolished more than 300 professional qualification approval and certificate items. The cancellation of administrative examination and approval of vocational qualification certificate is not to deny the professional qualification certificate system. Through streamlining administration and delegating more powers to lower-level governments, implementing relevant reform measures and drawing upon international experience, we need to establish a sound, multi-level, diversified and efficient professional qualification certificate system.

We need to build a national vocational qualification certificate system framework, set up a vocational qualification certificate system in a scientific manner, and standardize the implementation of qualification certificate system. 1. We need to further clarify the importance of professional qualification certificate from a proper perspective, and take the strict and effective vocational qualification certificate system as an institutional arrangement to improve the quality of laborers and mobilize the enthusiasm of skilled workers. 2. The relevant government departments should set out a plan on the professional qualification certificate system framework in the new era, and formulate relative management system and norms. 3. We need to encourage the participation of social forces, and ensure that the certification standards could meet the demand of industrial sectors and businesses. 4. We need to establish competency-based professional standards system to flesh out and make timely adjustment of vocational qualification standards and procedures. 5. We need to incorporate the skilled workers with identified professional qualification certificate into the overall management of talents, increase support to skilled workers with more incentive measures and enhance their social standing to command respect.