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Strive to Build DRC into a High-End Think Tank with Resolute Measures


Li Huilian, Chen Jing, Xie Jianchao & Zhang Kongjuan, DRC


The National Policy Consulting Conference 2017 was held in Shenzhen, Guangdong province on February 27. Li Wei, President (Minister) of DRC, made a report on striving to build DRC into a high-end think tank with resolute measures. He pointed out at the meeting that DRC’s research work in 2017 will focus on the following issues. 1. Carrying forward the work of building DRC into a national high-end think tank. 2. Conducting policy consulting research in close connection with the decisions of the central leadership and socio-economic development goals. 3. Making efforts to fulfill the third-party evaluation task relating to the implementation of major reforms and policies. 4. Actively unfolding policy interpretation work and providing the introduction of DRC’s research findings. 5. Enhancing the quality and effects of international communication and collaboration. 6. Strengthening the cultivation of research talents in DRC.

With regard to major issues to be observed in this year’s policy consulting work, Li Wei emphasized the following nine aspects. 1. Basic judgment on macroeconomic performance. 2. New changes of the world economic pattern. 3. Ways for deepening supply-side structural reform. 4. Challenges and countermeasures for agricultural development. 5. Measures for promoting real economy. 6. Putting high priority on the prevention and control of financial risks. 7. The construction of a basic and long-term system of real estate sector. 8. The protection of entrepreneurship and the promotion of private investment. 9. Proper treatment measures of haze weather. He hoped to build DRC into a new-type think tank with Chinese characteristics and required to turn more research findings into reform and development results.