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Annual Report on Chinese People's Livelihood 2016


Research Group, DRC


This book is a collection of research findings of the project entitled “Survey on Chinese People's Livelihood” conducted by research group of DRC. The group focused on the people's livelihood in 2016, and through investigation and data analysis of employment, medical care, education, housing, food safety and environmental protection relating to social groups in different provinces of China, reached relevant research results. The book is divided into four parts with twenty one chapters.

The first part is a comprehensive report, including people's livelihood satisfaction, people's livelihood concerns, people’s livelihood in relevant provinces, living conditions of vulnerable social groups and policy options under the background of economic downturn growth. It gives an analysis and summary of the general survey made in 2016. It touches upon issues relating to people's major concerns, the influence of employment and income, basic public services, and living environment. It gives an illustration of people's livelihood index assessment and relevant research findings.

The second part is a general report composed of seven sub-reports. 1. The basic situation of employment, structural unemployment pressure, regional differences and quality of employment. 2. Income distribution, major influencing factors, the impact of income differentiation and countermeasures. 3. An overall evaluation of the educational system, family expenditure pressure and issues worthy of concern in rural areas. 4. Health and medical issues focusing on medical and health system reform. 5. Housing issues including attribute of property rights, expenditure and pressure, financing, demand, rural homestead, government-subsidized housing and policy options. 6. Environmental protection. 7. Food safety.

The third part is a provincial development report about people’s livelihood respectively in Heilongjiang Province, Sichuan Province, Shaanxi Province, Jiangsu Province, Guangdong Province, Anhui Province, Hebei Province and Zhejiang Province.

The fourth part is a data analysis report divided into two chapters including a data analysis report based on telephone surveys and a report based on household survey analysis.