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Study on Management Model of Carbon Sequestration in Mengyin County’s Ecological Function Area(Special Issue No.10, 2017)


By Zhao Zhenfang & Wang Xiongjun, Research Team on “Value Assessment and Management Mode of Carbon Sequestration in China’s Ecological Function Areas”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue No.10, 2017 (Total 1534) 2017-3-21

Abstract: Green and low carbon development is an important part in ecological civilization construction and also a demand for accelerating the transformation of economic development mode and adjusting economic structure. The construction of ecological function areas in China is a significant measure to realize green and low carbon development, but its overall sustainable development ability is still insufficient and it overly relies on transfer payment from the state revenue for financial support. Objectively speaking, it requires the construction of a market trade mechanism relating to ecological product and service. Carbon sequestration is one of the ecological products provided by ecological function areas and it is expected to establish a national carbon trade system by 2017 to create better conditions for the realization of carbon sequestration value. Mengyin County in Linyi City of Shangdong Province enjoys relevant advantages in terms of geographical location, rich resources and government policy support. Based on the construction of ecological function area, the development of carbon sequestration industry and health service for the general public is beneficial to the promotion of sustainable development of ecological function area and is of great significance for exploring a new green economic model in light of the economic development characteristics of similar counties.

Key words: carbon sequestration management, carbon sequestration industry, harmonious towns featured by carbon sequestration development