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Carbon Sequestration Development in China’s Ecological Function Areas: Challenges and Policy Options(Special Issue No.9, 2017)


By Zhao Zheng & Li Jianwei, Research Team on “Value Assessment and Management Mode of Carbon Sequestration in China’s Ecological Function Areas”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue No.9, 2017 (Total 1533) 2017-3-21

Abstract: The construction of ecological function areas is an important measure to enhance China’s ecological supporting capability and promote sustainable social and economic development. Promoting carbon sequestration industry development in ecological function areas is conducive not only to better ecological function of ecological function areas, but also to the improvement of ecological function areas’ green development ability and the green poverty reduction project. It is an appropriate choice for the development of ecological function areas. However, carbon sequestration development in China’s ecological function areas is still facing many challenges. For instance, effective demand is insufficient, supply ability and quality is weak, trading market and supporting service system is incomplete, and property right system and operational mechanism is imperfect. We need to take a macroscopic approach, strive to further stimulate supply-based demand, tap market potential, and flesh out the system arrangement. Only in this way can we really let carbon sequestration play its proper function, promote market-based reform of ecological products and asset-oriented management of ecological resources, provide new green power for economic and social development in ecological function areas and further transfer the ecological advantages of ecological function areas into development advantages.

Key words: ecological function areas, carbon sequestration, carbon trade, green development