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The Sustainable Development of Mengyin Ecological Function Area: Development Model and Relevant Problems(Special Issue, No.6, 2017)


By Research Team on “Value Assessment and Management Mode of Carbon Sequestration in China’s Ecological Function Areas”, Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report, Special Issue, No.6, 2017 (Total 1530) 2017-03-21

Abstract: Mengyin County in Linyi City of Shandong Province, enjoys a favorable geographic location, an agriculture-led industrial structure, centuries-old history, time-honored culture and abundant ecological resources. As the major ecological function area, Mengyin County has created, through relevant regulative and stimulus measures, an ecology-oriented development model, focusing on a cluster development mode of competitive industries. The County has highlighted ecological building, made efforts to protect and recover the ecological environment, followed green development principle and exercised strict control over industrial and program access. Besides, Mengyin County has made endeavor to develop competitive ecological agriculture in light of local conditions, and adopted targeted measures to nurture new industrial growth sectors with local resources. But it should be noted that Mengyin County is still facing tremendous ecological and environmental problems, and one of the top issues is to preserve and recover the ecological environment. Besides, the financial channels to bolster sustainable ecological development are limited and multiple investment and funding channels need to be established. The work for ecological conservation and economic development is not well coordinated, which has resulted in the lack of impetus for sustainable development. And while protecting the ecological environment, it is also imperative to enhance people’s livelihood and living conditions.

Key words: ecological function areas, development model, prominent problems, Mengyin County