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The Development and Perfection of Ecological Environment Monitoring Network Has Enhanced the Effectiveness of the Ecological Civilization System in China -- An Assessment of the Development Progress of Ecological Environment Monitoring Network in China since the 18th CPC National Congress(Special Issue No. 2, 2017)


By Wang Haiqin, Cheng Huiqiang & Gao Shiji, Research Team on "China's Environmental Monitoring Management System”,Research Institute of Resources and Environment Policies, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No. 2, 2017 (Total 1526) 2017-3-16

Abstract: Since the 18th CPC National Congress, the development and perfection of ecological environment monitoring network in China has played a significant role in improving the quality of ecological environment data, promoting the government's credibility and enhancing the effect of ecological civilization system. With the kind concern of the Central Government and the strong support of the general public, the construction of ecological environment monitoring network has been accelerated. With the deepening of reform, the underlying problems in the construction of the ecological environment monitoring network began to emerge. For instance, it is difficult to implement the plan for the establishment of an integrated ecological environment monitoring network. The government's decentralization and the development of environmental monitoring market are both facing some difficulties. The government wants to bring into play the role of social monitoring force, whereas the force is too weak to be relied upon. The government hopes to have a reliable monitoring team, whereas incentive measures are inadequate and the credibility of government data is insufficient. Therefore, the government needs to strengthen its confidence for reform, continue to implement the various policy measures, formulate relevant environmental monitoring regulations, provide institutional guarantee for the ecological environment monitoring and cooperation of various departments, enforce the guidance and regulation on the ecological environment monitoring market and flesh out the incentive mechanism for the monitoring staff.

Key words: ecological environment monitoring, ecological environment protection, reform and assessment