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Vigorously Develop the Carbon Sequestration Industry and Enhance the Sustainable Development of Ecological Functional Areas(Special Issue No. 3, 2017)


By Li Jianwei, Research Team on "Value Assessment and Management Mode of Carbon Sequestration in China's Ecological Functional Areas", Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No. 3, 2017 (Total 1527) 2017-3-21

Abstract: The construction and development of ecological functional areas is the only way to realize green development, as well as inclusive development and sustainable development. At present, there are some problems in the sustainable development of China’s ecological functional areas. Viewing from the green and sustainable development of international experience, carbon sequestration value management is an important complement to sustainable development model. Our survey results show that China's ecological functional areas have created a high value and a large number of carbon sequestration, and have the condition through the carbon sequestration market transactions to achieve its carbon sequestration value and enhance the sustainable development capacity in the ecological functional areas. Promoting the development of carbon sequestration industry in the ecological functional areas is not only helpful to better develop the ecological function of ecological functional areas, but also conducive to the promotion of green development ability of ecological functional areas and the fulfillment of green poverty reduction work, which is the best choice for the development in ecological functional areas.

Key words: ecological functional areas, carbon sequestration value, sustainable development