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Reform of Some Countries' Foreign Assistance Management System and Relevant Enlightenments(No. 34, 2017)


By Jiang Xiheng, Research Team on "Promoting Common Development: China and the World", DRC

Research Report No. 34, 2017 (Total 5109)


Abstract: Over the past 20 years and more, the major developed countries and emerging economies have reformed their foreign aid mode and international development cooperation management system to adapt to the rapidly changing international and domestic situation. The common goal of their institutional reform is to strengthen the overall coordination of foreign aid participants, to overcome the fragmented mode of management, to enhance the overall capacity of government in foreign aid, and to improve the effectiveness of aid in line with the government foreign strategy. However, due to the different value concept, material basis and public management theory and other related factors, their institutional reform has adopted quite different measures. Major developed countries have taken five reform methods relating to the formulation and implementation of the foreign aid policy. Emerging economies have mostly based themselves on the establishment of independent or semi-independent specialized agencies for the international development cooperation as the reform goals and have achieved different results. It is of great significance to promote the reform of foreign aid management system in China by analyzing the reform measures, reform effects and reform motivations of foreign aid management system in major developed countries and emerging economies.

Key words: foreign aid, management system, reform, enlightenments