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The Reform of Mass Organization Rests on Well-Defined Power and Responsibility of the Government and a Reasonable Allocation of Government Resources -- An analysis of some cases based on multi-governance-oriented family planning in the new era(No.36, 2017)


By Su Yang, Management World (Monthly)

Research report No.36, 2017 (Total 5111) 2017-4-1

Abstract: Mass organization is an indispensable driver to promote national governance system and the modernization of governance capacity. It could serve as a bridge between the people and the government to reflect appeals of different social groups, forming a public service platform for information sharing,coordinating and providing public services with targeted measures. But at present, most of the mass organizations have government background with poor working performance. Only by combining their self-reform with government power delegation to lower levels could they play the above-mentioned role. Take family planning as an example. In light of the present population size, mass organization needs to weaken its administrative enforcement-oriented working style and form a multi-governance model based on the reform of Family Planning Association (FPA). While controlling extra-births, it needs to encourage the implementation of the two-child policy in line with the incentive mechanism of strengthening family planning service. The foundation of such a transformation is to clarify the government responsibility in family planning work and transfer relative government resources to FPA in a proper manner. We need to make clear relevant transferrable rights and government resources, and then form a cooperation model between FPA and the government while enhancing the ability of FPA.

Key words: mass organization, well-defined power and responsibility of the government, the allocation of government resources, Family Planning Association