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Research on the Supporting Feasibility of Infrastructure Construction of Those Countries along the Belt and Road Routes with PPP Mode(Special Issue No. 13, 2017)


By Yang Guangpu, Meng Chun, Li Ming & Wu Bingbing, Research Team on “The Application of PPP Mode in the Infrastructure Construction of the Countries along the Belt and Road Routes”, DRC

Research Report Special Issue No. 13, 2017 (Total 1537) 2017-3-28

Abstract: In light of the actual situation of the countries along the Belt and Road routes and the public-private-partnership (PPP) mode as an innovative way for infrastructure construction and public supply, this paper argues that the PPP mode is appropriate to bolster the infrastructure construction of the countries along the Belt and Road routes and China and these countries could also draw on each other’s strengths. At the same time, taking into account of the risks and challenges relating to the infrastructure construction in the political, economic, social and other fields of the countries along the Belt and Road routes, this paper puts forward the following policy options. 1. It is necessary to highlight the strategic significance of the Belt and Road Initiative. 2. The Initiative needs to be put into effect in view of the strategies of other countries. 3. Efforts need to be made to focus on the feasibility of economy and technology development and the appropriate and effective control of relevant risks. 4. It is recommended to make full use of the existing international cooperation mechanism and the resources provided by the existing multilateral development banks. 5. It is necessary to attach importance to promoting technology and management innovation, and enhancing the motivation and feasibility of social capital to participate in the public infrastructure construction. 6. We need to increase the multi-level communication and lay a sound social foundation for the implementation of PPP projects.

Key words: PPP mode, the Belt and Road Initiative, infrastructure