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China’s Pharmaceutical Policy: Problems and International Experience


Research Group of Research Department of Social Development, DRC

Focusing on China’s pharmaceutical policy and related issues, the book gives an introduction of some countries’ experience in pharmaceutical field. The research group from DRC held discussions with and solicited suggestions from the health and family planning departments, the industrial development departments, the drug tendering and purchasing departments, the relevant departments of medical insurance, and pharmaceutical production and circulation enterprises in Zhejiang and Hunan Provinces and Chongqing Municipality. In addition, the research group exchanged opinions with foreign experts, and commissioned Duke University Global Health Research Institute to organize experts to make in-depth country case studies on pharmaceutical policies of Germany, Australia, Thailand, India, the United States and some other countries, in order to learn about the general rules and practices of the development of international pharmaceutical policy, and give relevant policy options for decision-making departments in terms of the reform of major institutional mechanism of the approval and quality control of drugs and the production, circulation and application of medicines in China.

This book is divided into two parts. The General Report in Part One focuses on analysis of pharmaceutical issues and offers solutions for addressing relevant contradictions and difficulties in the pharmaceutical field. The sub-reports deal with, from four aspects, some key issues relating to the promotion of the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the analysis and suggestions on the centralized purchasing of pharmaceuticals in public hospitals of China, the progress, challenges and reform proposals of the basic drug system and the particularity of drugs as well as international experience and revelations to China. The General Report in Part Two gives an introduction to the practice and experience of drug policy of some major countries in the world. The sub-reports are related to the pharmaceutical policies of Thailand, India, Germany and Australia.

This book is completed by the research group of the Research Department of Social Development of DRC. Due to festinate time and limited knowledge, some mistakes and errors in this book are is inevitable and all criticisms and comments are sincerely welcome.