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Reshape Agricultural Competitive Advantage with "Internet Plus"(No. 37, 2017)


By Cheng Yu, Research Team on “Building a Competitive –oriented Agricultural Policy System”, Research Department of Rural Economy

Research Report No. 37, 2017 (Total 5112) 2017-4-6

Abstract: The Internet has brought about new opportunities for the transformation of agricultural production mode and the reorganization of industrial chains, which have become new drivers to promote agricultural competitiveness. The "Internet Plus" has broken the multi-level circulation pattern of agricultural products with wholesale market as the carrier and middlemen as the market entities, formed a new agricultural product circulation center based on e-commercial logistics with direct supply-demand interaction and direct link between production and marketing. It has improved the agricultural production management through intelligent interconnection, strengthened quality control through overall interconnection, created a new interactive experience value by users’ interconnection to remodel agricultural production system, and promoted agricultural efficiency, quality and brand management. However, due to the inadequate industrial base capacity, the sluggish development of supporting service system, and the inappropriate industrial rules, the development of "Internet Plus agriculture" is still facing great challenges. The government needs to strengthen the front-end product quality control, construct the middle-end logistics system of intelligent cold chain, establish the back-end adjustment mechanism of demand feedback and cultivate the co-innovation and entrepreneurial ecology.

Key words: Internet Plus, agricultural competitiveness, agricultural products circulation chain, agriculture industrial system