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Show Solicitude for People’s Requirements and Enhance Their Satisfaction for Government Service by Adopting a Problem-Oriented Approach(No.40, 2017)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “People’s Livelihood in China”, DRC

Research report No.40, 2017 (Total 5115) 2017-4-12

Abstract: In recent years, people have gained a greater sense of satisfaction for government service. Generally speaking, with the fleshing out of government service, people in different regions and from various social groups have responded quite differently. The comments made by urban residents are not as high as that made by rural residents and those respondents with higher education do not think highly of government service. The different comments show that there is still room for the improvement of the quality and efficiency of government service. For example, the government has simplified the procedures for review and approval and raised its working efficiency, but some people feel differently. They hope that the channels for them to obtain policy information through mass media need to be broadened and the “Internet Plus government service” need to have a wider coverage in light of different requirements of different social groups. In deepening the reform of streamlining administration, delegating more power to lower levels, combining decentralization with effective regulation and optimizing services, we should always bear people’s demand in mind, cast our eyes over problems brought up by the people, and focus our work on innovating supervision mechanism while streamlining administration and delegating more power to lower levels. In addition, we need to gradually shift our emphasis of work onto optimizing government service, explore new model of better government service and make the people gain a stronger sense of benefits.

Key words: government service, satisfaction, the reform of streamline administration, delegate more power to lower levels combine decentralization with effective regulation and optimize government service, survey on people’s livelihood