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Strive to Reduce Circulation Costs and Boost Consumer Upgrading


Strive to Reduce Circulation Costs and Boost Consumer Upgrading

Wei Jigang, DRC


While moving forward with streamlining administration, delegating more powers to lower levels, combining power delegation with effective regulation, and improving services, the Ministry of Commerce recently required to reduce business burden in order to flesh out relevant policies and regulations and optimize the market environment. These policy measures are key initiatives to reduce the institutional costs for the development of logistics industry. Besides, under the current background of China's economic performance under the new normal, reducing the cost of the logistics industry is of major importantance.

First, information technology applications should be placed in an important position in the current development of the logistics industry. The use of information technology to enhance transport efficiency relating to goods, transshipment and convergence is essential, especially in multimodal transport business.

Second, a series of measures including facilitating the urban transport infrastructure passages, reducing the transportation fees, and building up a national logistics system, should all be regarded as a way to reduce the cost of circulation. Among them, we should put emphasis on encouraging logistics innovation, and optimize the allocation of logistic resources of the public at large in a greater degree to seek for more long-term and substantial logistics efficiency through innovative logistics services, especially multimodal transport and other new logistics approaches.

Third, in terms of promoting consumption function, to release consumer demand is an important measure and purpose for improving the efficiency and reducing the cost of circulation. The market performance is largely determined by the level of circulation efficiency, and if we can cultivate more and better market trading platforms, forming a convenient, efficient and reasonable market environment, that will no doubt give a great impetus to consumption growth.