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Flesh Out Agricultural Supportive Policy and Enhance Agricultural Competitiveness(No. 46, 2017)


By Wu Zhenjun, Research Team on “Enhancing a Competence-Oriented Agricultural Policy System”, Research Department of Rural Economy, DRC

Research Report No. 46, 2017 (Total 5121) 2017-4-24

Abstract: The government has made greater efforts to support agricultural development, but the international competitiveness of agriculture is weakening. One major reason is due to the unreasonable agricultural supportive structure. In the overall agricultural supportive mix, the share of producer support is too high, whereas the share of general service is relatively low; in the producer support, market price support takes up a high share; in general service input, the share of agricultural knowledge-based innovation and general infrastructure construction is low. A pressing issue facing us at present is to seize the opportunity of deepening the supply-side structural reform, and flesh out agricultural competitiveness. We need to reduce the market price supportive standard to avoid the market price distortions, increase the input of agricultural knowledge-based innovation system to boost the innovation of agricultural science and technology, and increase the input of infrastructure construction and maintenance to lower the production cost and improve the production efficiency. We need to accelerate the reform of agricultural supportive policy, promote the reasonable allocation of agricultural resources, and enhance the competitiveness of China's agriculture.

Key words: agricultural supportive policy, agricultural competitiveness, international comparison