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Some Demand-Side Features Relating to China’s Industrial Human Capital(No.57, 2017)


Liu Lihui, Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.57, 2017 (Total 5132)  2017-5-11

Abstract: China's economic transformation and upgrading have brought about obvious changes on the demand side of human capital. First, the impact of technological progress. After workers’ simple work is replaced by robots, the demand for high-skilled personnel has increased. The development of intelligent enterprises has raised its requirements for the quality and efficiency of technical know-how and innovation-driven development needs a large number of R&D talents. Second, the impact of industrial upgrading. Viewing from the perspective of the three industrial structures, the redundant rural migrant workers used to move to the second and tertiary industries in the past and now these workers would move to enterprises with high-efficiency or service sectors. In the meantime, the service industry is facing the pressure of transformation from low end to medium-to-high-end of the industrial chain. Third, the new architecture of opening up is in need of human capital allocation in global market. With the launching of the Belt and Road Initiative and the implementation of going global strategy, the government needs to lay emphasis on the cultivation and introduction of talents with a global vision while giving full scope to their initiatives.

Keywords: human capital, demand side, the 13th Five-Year-Plan