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Innovation Development

A Value Orientation-based Index Evaluation System on Transformation of Sci-tech Results Needs to Be Established(No.55, 2017)

By Xiong Hongru, Research Department of Innovation Development, DRC

Research Report, No.55, 2017 (Total 5130) 2017-05-09

Abstract: The evaluation of a country’s transformation of sci-tech results needs to be based on clarified standards and indexes. Currently, quantity-oriented evaluation indexes are widely applied in China, arousing different views and comments. Many foreign countries adopt value-oriented comparable indexes, focusing on the assessment of business potential of sci-tech results and the economic benefits generated from their transformation. The license or transfer income to R&D expenditure ratio is one of the most commonly used major evaluation indexes followed by OECD member countries. A comparative study on different indexes in other countries finds that the scientific research departments of most developed countries have a low value orientation-based transformation rate whereas the transformation rate by universities and sci-tech organizations in China is not low. The differences between countries are relevant to the research expenditure structure, intellectual property rights protection, the technology transformation mechanism, innovation policies and other factors. Viewing from international comparative perspective, China needs to attach importance to value orientation, establish a scientific and comprehensive efficiency evaluation indicator system, and launch a survey on the transformation of state sci-tech results. It is suggested that the government reform the evaluation system on scientific personnel’s performance, strengthen the effectiveness and implementation results of existing policies, enhance the R&D output quality and promote the transformation of sci-tech results to a new high.

Key words: transformation of sci-tech results, evaluation indexes, international comparison, value orientation