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The Current Development of Internet Plus Circulation


Research Team of the Institute of Market Economy, DRC


Internet Plus circulation is an important approach to achieve an innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development of economy and society. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period and for a longer time to come, we need to provide more guidance and support for the innovative development of Internet Plus and circulation and promote the formation of an innovation-driven circulation development mode.

The Internet Plus circulation bears some new features and development trends. First, it is developing from products with a high level of standardization to complex products and then to services. Second, it is transforming from online innovation to online-offline integration and innovation. Third, it is gradually changing from technology-driven to multiple factors-driven innovation. Fourth, it is widening the innovation scope from cities to rural areas and then to cross-border regions. The Internet Plus circulation innovation plays an active role for economic and social development. First, it brings about new business forms, new channels and new models, and expands consumer demand. Second, it contributes to the reform and innovation of circulation enterprises’ operation mode and the promotion of competence. Third, it accelerates the circulation modernization. Fourth, it expedites the construction of the national unified market and the integration of domestic and foreign trade market. Fifth, it boosts the balanced development of urban and rural areas. Sixth, it promotes the supply-side reform of circulation.

The Internet Plus provides an opportunity to accelerate the innovation of circulation. First, it speeds up the innovation of the e-commerce mode and advances the development of e-commerce in circulation. Second, it bolsters online-offline interactive innovation, and expands the channels for the development of circulation. Third, it links up the upstream and downstream sectors and forms a new Internet-based supply chain. Fourth, it gives an impetus to the specialized development of e-commerce service and fosters a new e-commerce service system. Fifth, it enhances the IT application in circulation sector and the Internet infrastructure facilities for traditional circulation enterprises. Sixth, it enforces the construction of circulation infrastructure facilities and improves the weak links relating to Internet Plus circulation innovation.