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Policy Options on Five Development Concepts-based Demonstration Zones: A Field Survey in Tongling City, Anhui Province(No.63, 2017)


By Qian Pingfan, Research Department of Industrial Economy, DRC

Research report No.63, 2017 (Total 5138) 2017-06-06

Abstract: The five concepts of innovative, coordinated, green, open, and shared development are closely connected with each other and must be viewed and implemented from the perspective of the holistic theory of development. As an integrated whole, the five concepts need to be treated in line with development theory and put into effect with five different methods, focusing on respective objects and subjects for the set goal. As many cities vie to be chosen as demonstration zones, these concepts have generated an impetus for development in China. However, the potential of the five development concepts is yet to be fully tapped and some deep-seated problems remain to be addressed. With regard to choosing demonstration zones, Tongling City in Anhui Province is quite appropriate to be an example. This paper has made the following policy options in this regard. First, the theory of five development concepts needs to be precisely viewed and interpreted across the board. Second, we need to actively explore related modes for the implementation of these concepts. Third, the five concepts need to be comprehensively and systematically promoted to guide the construction of the demonstration zones. Fourth, the government needs to shore up Tongling City to make pilot practice on relevant modes for the implementation of these concepts relating to pertinent objects and subjects. Fifth, the government needs to formulate integrated policies based on the pilot practice relating to the objects and subjects concerned.

Key words: the five development concepts, the holistic theory of development, five integrated measures, Tongling City, demonstration zone