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Policy Options on China’s Car Industry Development in Line with Industry 4.0 Strategy(No.62, 2017)


By Song Zifeng, Research Team on “The Innovation and Application of Industry 4.0 Strategy in China”, DRC

Research report No.62, 2017 (Total 5137) 2017-05-11

Abstract: In the era of new industrial revolution, there will be new trends relating to cars’ features and the modes of production and application. During the process, industry 4.0 strategy has played its role in fostering the development of some countries and relevant fields to some extent, and its potential impact is expected to become much more profound. In light of China’s car industry, it is necessary to refer to industry 4.0 strategy, whereas there might be some difficulties for its application. Some of the difficult issues will mainly be addressed by enterprises themselves without government assistance; while some others will call for the cooperation of government and enterprises and relevant institutions. Based on the analysis mentioned above, the paper suggests that we take a global perspective and follow the principle that the industry should be enhanced through opening-up and the short-term issues should be viewed under long-term framework. In addition, we need to take the strategic option to give well-defined guidance to enterprises to make independent exploration, attach importance to systematic reference and enhance cooperation with direct suppliers of car parts. The paper ends up with some policy options including the establishment of an overall systematic framework, the consummation of the utilization of capital for technical improvement and the formulation and implementation of data interaction standards, etc.

Key words: car industry, industry 4.0 strategy