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Support Port Enterprises to Go Global and Improve the Port Layout along the Maritime Silk Road(No.58, 2017)


By Liu Yunzhong & Jin Ming, Research Team on “The Belt and Road Infrastructure Inter-connectivity”, DRC

Research Report, No.58, 2017 (Total 5133) 2017-05-17

Abstract: Ports are crucial bolsters of the Maritime Silk Road and play a leading role in advancing the Belt and Road strategy. To go global for China’s port enterprises highly synergizes with the national Belt and Road strategy, and is in line with China’s economic development and strategic needs. It could ensure the win-win results of national development strategies as well as the commercial interests for both China and relevant countries. The port industry holds huge potential for cooperation in the building of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. Cooperation of the port industry requires the formulation of practical and effective plans according to different areas’ shipping geographical conditions, economic aggregate and development stages, the improvement of the business environment and the enhancement of competitiveness and cooperation results. The government needs to follow the principle of pursuing a market-oriented sustainable development with enterprises as the major entities, establish friendly diplomatic relations with relevant countries, create a safe business environment, ensures the safety and interests of China’s overseas enterprises and personnel, promote public diplomacy and strengthen relationship with related countries in connection with the planning and standards for port management, and provide funding support through the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and other financial institutions.

Key words: the Belt and Road Initiative, ports, shipping