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Governmental Affairs Information Integration and Sharing Are Witnessing a Swift Advance


Governmental Affairs Information Integration and Sharing Are Witnessing a Swift Advance

By Li Guangqian, DRC


In order to enable the public and businesses to take less time to get things done by government departments with simplified procedures, the General Office of the State Council recently issued the Governmental Affairs Information System Integration and Sharing Implementation Plan (hereinafter referred to as the Plan). First of all, China's information-based government administration has,through years of development, formed a number of local e-government affairs administration models. However, some problems have occurred in the course of development. The major issues include the enhancement of the integration of information system and the efficiency of the system for more valuable results. The new-generation information technology has brought about some changes and challenges to the e-government construction as well as the implementation of the Plan. Second, the Plan has three characteristics. 1. The Plan is an important guiding document both for now and the near future with a far-reaching impact. 2. With a complete system and meticulous arrangements, it is a highly-refined and comprehensive work program on e-government construction. 3. Unlike some of the policies issued in the past that lay excessive stress on pursuit of working performance or on some particular issues, the present one is an action plan with practical measures for implementation. Third, at present the government is facing two vital issues. 1. The government needs to accelerate the integration and sharing of the internal information systems within departments. 2. The government needs to speed up the construction of the national e-government data sharing and exchange platform across internal and external networks. Fourth, special attention should be paid to two aspects during the implementation. 1. The government needs to compile a government information resource directory and conduct a major nationwide survey for the purpose of restructuring the top-level management framework of China’s government data resources. 2. The government needs to optimize the construction model with cloud computing and put in more efforts for research work.