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Foreign Economic Relations

Policy Options on Promoting the Belt and Road Highway Facility Inter-Connectivity(No.60, 2017)


By Shao Ting, Research Team on “The Belt and Road Infrastructure Inter-Connectivity”, DRC

Research report No.60, 2017 (Total 5135) 2017-05-19

Abstract: Highway inter-connectivity is not only an important channel for western China to connect with countries along the Belt and Road routes, but also a significant part of the Belt and Road infrastructure inter-connectivity. By now, the system of the Belt and Road highway inter-connectivity has taken initial shape, some of the major projects have started smoothly and some others are under planning. While great progress has been made, some underlying conflicts and problems facing highway inter-connectivity have gradually loomed up, reflecting some deep-seated problems such as the construction projects are mainly relying on state-owned enterprises, the governance capacity of countries along the Belt and Road routes are relatively weak and geographical political risks are becoming prominent. To further enhance the Belt and Road highway inter-connectivity, the government needs to draw on the experience gained by other countries in regional cooperation for infrastructure construction, explore and establish the common rules including technical standards, bring into play the motivation of more countries along the Belt and Road routes and international investment institutions as well as enterprises to participate in the construction and operation of highway infrastructure construction so as to accelerate the formation of a new pattern which ensures the win-win cooperation between government, investors and operating enterprises. Key words: the Belt and Road Initiative, highway, inter-connectivity