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How to Respond To the International Competition of Internet Platforms


How to Respond To the International Competition of Internet Platforms

By Li Guangqian, DRC


Germany and the U.S. have made rapid headway in industrial Internet development over the last two years, and their achievements have brought both opportunities and challenges to the development of relevant sectors in China, especially the industrial development.

First, how can we define the industrial Internet platform? It is a kind of ecological system for emerging manufacturing, where the R&D, design, production, manufacturing, circulation, post-sale service and other procedures for numerous businesses and companies have been transferred to a cloud data center on the basis of digitalization, IT application and intelligence. Through the unified cloud operation platform, the smart long-distance-manufacturing can be achieved. The industrial Internet platform includes three platforms, namely the state Internet platform, the sectorial platform and the industrial platform.

Second, what profound influences can the industrial Internet platform exert? 1. This platform has transcended the content of industrial standardization, and bears more characteristics of the Internet economy we have seen in recent years. 2. There is large difference between the industrial Internet platform and the traditional industrial division of labor. 3. The industrial Internet platform has promoted international exchanges and cooperation.

Third, in face of the current fierce international competition in the industrial Internet sector, China needs to adopt the following policies: 1. The cyber safety law is necessary to be incorporated into the industrial Internet. 2. The international exchanges and cooperation by way of industrial Internet platforms need to be reviewed for cyber safety censorship. 3. It is necessary to design the building of industrial big data and the industrial cloud center across the board. 4. The industrial Internet platform needs to be included in the general big data center building plan.